Star Wars performed with permission of Lucasfilm Ltd.
All 'STAR WARSTM' elements property of Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Live on Stage

A Really, Really New Hope.
Star Wars performed with permission of Lucasfilm Ltd.
All 'STAR WARSTM' elements property of Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.

December 5 - 27, 2008
Fridays, Saturdays at 8pm

The Dark Room Theater
2263 Mission Street, between 18th & 19th, SF
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$20 at the door or at


SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away… an epic space drama unfolded to the delight of children of all, all ages.  This December, we here at Dark Room Productions proudly fold it back up to present, for eight performances only, STAR WARS: Live on Stage! A deliciously evil empire.  A heroic rebel alliance.  Cool laser battles!  Light saber duels!  Awesome zero-Gravity dogfights!  And a $100 special effects budget! It’s everyone’s favorite, classic blockbuster performed with a very small block. 

"Unbelievably hilarious romp through the outer reaches of space!" Christina Troup, SF Examiner

In service to the Emperor, Grand Moff Tarkin constructs the Death Star, a colossal battle station with sufficient firepower capable of annihilating an entire planet. The fledging rebel alliance manages to steal the Death Star’s blueprints and put it in the hands of Princess Leia Organa.  With the evil Sith Lord, Darth Vader in pursuit, she hides the plans in little maintenance droid R2D2 before being captured and imprisoned.  The tiny droid and his counterpart C3PO flee to Tatooine and end up in the hands of local farm boy Luke Skywalker.  When Stormtroopers destroy his home and kill his family in pursuit of the fugitive droids, Luke and former Jedi Knight, Obi Wan Kenobi, plan to escape the desert planet.  Together they hire notorious smuggler Han Solo and his Wookiee First Officer Chewbacca to make the trip to Alderaan.  Captured by Vader, they turn their misfortune into an escape attempt and free Leia—but not without a terrible cost. With Vader still on their trail, Luke must use the force to stop the empire before it’s too late. 

STAR WARS: Live on Stage runs December 5 — 27, 2008; shows Friday & Saturday @ 8pm at the Dark Room Theater, 2263 Mission Street, between 18th and 19th, SF.  Tickets are $20 at the door or at  More information at, 415-401-7987 or at

STAR WARS: Live on Stage is a Dark Room Production adapted and directed by Jim Fourniadis, produced by Erin Ohanneson and stars: Joe Gorman, Nancy Bower, Jim Jeske, Damien Chacona, Dave McKew, Steffanos X, John Halfacre, Dan Foley, Gayle Dumm, Erik Salmoson and a cast of thousands give or take a thousand.

— END —

The Dark Room Theater is a comfortable place for anyone to come to when they have ideas—big or small—and want to make them come true.  We welcome both high concepts and low brow sensibilities; we try hard to not to take ourselves too seriously and invite you to do the same. Whether you prefer cavorting on stage or rolling in the aisles, come join us for an hour or two and remember for a minute how much fun the world can be. 


assistant direction, stage manager and Aunt Beru

AJ, a bi-pedal human female, is made of awesome. She is very happy to have been a part of bringing Star Wars to the stage, and hopes to unite humankind against the tyranny of processed cheese food in the near future.  That is all. *END TRANSMISSION*
Han Solo
Damien is the youngest son of Mentholatum immigrants. He's quite often sitting cross-legged in various establishments, grumbling to himself like an old biddy. He wishes you the best of luck trying to find his website of extraneous delights and miraculous feeling, Damien is Han Solo because Jim and Erin asked him to be. The rest of the time he is Damien Chacona, the youngest son of Mentholatum immigrants.

Trooper #2
Dan was germinated, along with 65535 of his peers, in Annum Imperium 13 within the genetic labs of Kamino.  In his duties as Trooper - Rank 3, he consistently demonstrates only the most minimal drive or competence.  You can follow him on his wacky antics at

Darth Vader, Chewbacca
Dave has performed all over North America, as part of the sketch comedy duo Uphill Both Ways.  Dark Room fans may also remember him as Mrs. Peacock in Clue.  Dave is a huge Star Wars fan whose autograph collection includes over fifty actors from all six Star Wars films, including Harrision Ford, Carrie Fisher, James Earl Jones, and Christopher Lee.  But not George Lucas yet, so let him know if you can help with that.

Stormtrooper #1, costume help
After moving to San Francisco in 1987, Dave found the arts and entertainment fields to be not only hiring, but peopled with some truly inspiring and imaginative folks.
Most recently, he was set designer and model on the Wunderland Theatre Co.'s two productions of Disney and Deutschland, John Powers, director.  The second run, at the Garage Theatre, he also played the role of A. Hitler's bodyguard. Dave's worked as F/X, model maker and historical consultant for the film Maggots and Men, Oakie Treadwell, director. In addition to gag mastering, model making and acting in several episodes of the local cable legend Mister Stinky, he lists working follow-spot for acts inc. Lyle Lovett, Chris Isaak , the B-52's and DEVO on his list of good times as well. In 2004, he served as rowing trainer and gunnery consultant on location for the film Master and Commander, Peter Weir, director. This is Dave's first time working at the Dark Room. He's delighted to have had the chance to fabricate a shiny suit for C3PO, and to portray a somewhat less sophisticated Imperial Stormtrooper .

Pink Five, Costumes Fabricator, Dresser
A native of New Orleans, Donna has danced since the age of 3, acted since 14, is a makeup artist and costume and props fabricator.  This is her third production with the Dark Room, recently appearing as Ms. Fern in Foul Play's The Bad Seed and as Elaine Benes in the Dark Room's annual Twilight Zone the Plays series.  She thanks to Jim and Erin for the opportunity to let her talents shine. Though she's participated in many facets of performance art, and the last several years has worked with events related to the annual Burning Man festival,  she never dreamed she'd get to know C-3PO, Vader and Chewbacca this intimately...

production, costumes
Erin is an escapee of the film industry in LA.

Tagge, Uncle Owen, Red Leader
Geekboy is a regular on Bad Movie Night at the Darkroom.  A long time ago he was featured in the game show series You Asked For It with the popular game “Steal Geekboy's Liquor”.  Currently he is working on the finer points of coffee roasting and is trying to forget everything he knows about nerdy computer stuff so that he can achieve a new nickname without the word boy in it.  This is his first performance where he was required to memorize stuff.

direction, adaptation, sound engineer and operation
Jim likes to talk about himself in the third person to make his bio seem more appropriate. It rarely works out as he plans, but then again he quite often doesn't notice anyway. He also likes fish.

Jim Jeske is delighted to present his interpretation of the multifaceted, complex, tortured enigma that is C3PO. His acceptance of the challenge in bringing the gilded "gentleman's gentleman" to three-dimensional life is consonant with his efforts in earlier Dark Room endeavors, such as Ambassador Trentino of Sylvania in Impossible Productions’ Duck Soup, and Pharoah Seti/Dathan the Overseer in The Ten Commandments. Jim has also brought a heavy measure of theatrical earnestness to such projects IP’s Lovesick: The Cat Allergy Musical, Twilight Zone, Creepshow, Clue, and Foul Play’s Attack of the Killer B-Movies, and the Wicker Man. Look for him in MacGyver Production’s I AM SNOWMISER: Walken In A Winter Wonderland!

Luke Skywalker
Joe is very excited to be involved with his first play at the Dark Room Theater and even more excited that he is playing the role of Luke Skywalker.  As a stand-up comedian Joe has performed in clubs all over the bay area and is looking forward to expanding his acting resume outside the field of sketch comedy.  An avid Star Wars fan he hopes you enjoy the play just as much as he enjoyed being a part of it.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Wedgei
Julian is happy to be in his second play at the Dark Room Theater, having just finished a run in THE SAFE WAY. He says the jedi mind trick comes in handy at work.   

assisant costume
Meliza Banales, aka Missy Fuego, is a designer based out of San Francisco. Her background is in Historic Costume, particularly Ancient Egypt, and pattern making but she got her start five years ago designing costumes for burlesque performers and exotic dancers. She was also the other half of Never Never Designs with Jacob Vaughn. She is currently in the Fashion Design and Merchandising Program at City College. Check her out at missyfuego.

Leia Organa and Pink 9
When she was 16, Nancy was really bummed that insurance wouldn't pay to get her ears pinned back.  Now, she is thrilled to be wearing Princess Leia's hot-x-buns around her ears, hiding her little bit of Spock. This is Nancy's second round of Princess at the Dark Room. Many stories ago, she played Buttercup in the Princess Bride. She was last seen hunted down by gulls and crows as Melanie Daniels in Foul Play’s Attack of the Killer B-Movies: The Birds.

lighting design and operation
Rhiannon has worked on lots of shows here at The Dark Room and always has fun. Really. When she's not working on shows or screaming silly things from the back at Bad Movie Night, she's hanging out with Leia's daughter teaching her the lyrics to songs with questionable educational content. She directed and wrote the Snowmiser show, which you should stick around for, if you're not doing anything.

Steffanos thanks the dark room and all it's personalities for all the fun he's had there. He's looking forward to more. He likes being a villain.

Jawa, Commander Motti, Biggs, Greedo and Rebel Officer
Tim grew up in the city but has never appeared on the local stage. He just wandered into a rehearsal one day, got accidentally put in a scene and stuck around. He hopes the part of the Jawa leads to larger roles in the future, so he won't have to act while kneeling. When not inserting himself in shows, he writes a story about the zombie apocalypse, which he publishes himself at



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models Damien Chacona, Joe Gorman, Nancy Bower, Dave McKew


SPECIAL THANKS to Flynn De Marco for designing the posters and fliers, Costume Assistant Meliza Bañales,  & Web Mistress Sherilyn Connelly. Special thanks to Chip Clofine for the use of his Sampler and Michael Capozzola for the use of his blue Lightsaber.