The Dark Room is your one-stop shop for SF comedy, theater, events, entertainment, and rehearsal space - as well as recording studio facilities, both pre- and post-production.

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RENT The Dark Room!

About the Space:

12' x 8' stage w/ full length step at the front and backstage entrance (with wings).

Video projector and large FRONT PROJECTION screen.

Many microphones and stands. You probably need less of these than you think.

Green Room for between sets, scenes, etc. Only authorized persons allowed.

Music groups welcome, we will try to work with all types, however due to noise issues we may have to pass.

Seating consists of 50ish regular seats on the main floor and riser, and about 10ish overflow seating. (the bar itself is non-functioning).


Our rates are dynamic, may change from show to show, based on date / time, and more specifically the ACTUAL needs of your rental. If you’re considering renting out The Dark Room Theater, PLEASE let us know the details of your show and we will always give you the best individual price possible.

We will require 1/2 of the total agreed fees on booking (non-refundable), with the remainder due upon commencement of your rental block (refundable with AT LEAST 60 days notice from rental block). For rehearsals we require the full amount on booking (non-refundable).

We will provide tech for your show(s) on request, and will lump the tech fees in with your rental. If you need our techs, let us know that UP FRONT, additional fees may be incurred for last minute requests, although we will always do our best to meet your needs.

Sound recording of a show may be available starting at $100, depending on the scope of the project.

The Dark Room is also available for rehearsals, classes, video and photo shoots, screenings, parties or pretty much anything you can think of. Contact us at or call 415-890-0082 to secure your spot!

The Guidelines:

No liquids of any kind on and/or near the stage, including..... water, booze, milk, fake blood, whipped cream or anything messy and sticky that can mess up our floor or curtain.

No throwing things from the stage including.... candy, toys, glitter, confetti, food or basically anything that is a noun. It's hellish to clean up and can hit our lights and/or people in the audience. They hate that.

Drum Kits - NO. If you do not specifically request drums be allowed at your show, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement without refund. This is a big one, don’t do it.

The Dark Room Theater Staff are required to work your door, which is included already in the rental costs.

We really want you to have fun here at The Dark Room. These rules come from past problems that we hope not to repeat. Now, with these simple parameters in mind come be creative!